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By chrisJuly 9, 2024In forum news

vBulletin 6.0.6 Preview Release Available

vBulletin has released a preview version of vBulletin 6.0.6 for self-hosted customers. This release includes significant updates and changes to both the front end and back end of the software. Please note that preview releases are for testing purposes only and should not be deployed on production servers.

**Front End Changes**:

1. **Calendar Module Improvements**:
– Birthdays and holidays can now be displayed in Calendar Modules. These are for display purposes only and do not allow replies or comments.
– Birthdays: Shows birthdays of users active within a specific timeframe (default is 180 days). Clicking a birthday navigates to the user’s profile.
– Holidays: Administrators can create holidays in the Admin Control Panel (AdminCP) that can be recurring or specific to a year. Details are shown in a popup dialog when clicked.
– New scheduled task for deleting non-recurring holidays after two years.
– New style variables added to control color settings for event types.

**Back End / AdminCP Changes**:

1. **Holiday Manager**:
– New section in AdminCP to create holidays to display on the Calendar.
– Each event can have a title, optional description, and date, with support for HTML in titles and descriptions.

2. **User Reputation Display**:
– Options merged into User Ranks. Predefined ranks can be marked inactive or edited.

3. **Templates**:
– New tag for triggering actions within loops. Can be used on both vBulletin Cloud and self-hosted licenses.

4. **User Promotions**:
– Updated to trigger based on the user’s last post date, automating user group management based on activity levels.

**Additional Information**:

Instructions for installation and upgrades, system requirements, and the support schedule for current versions are provided. Discussions and support for these changes are available in the announced forum thread.

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