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By chrisJune 23, 2024In forum news

Invision Community 5: Editor Permissions and Custom Embeds

Invision Community recently introduced its upgraded editor in Invision Community 5, bringing features like semantically correct header tags and custom boxes. To optimize functionality, some legacy features were omitted. In response to user feedback, the platform now includes tools that maintain essential functionalities.

Key enhancements focus on controlling editor capabilities for different member groups and simplifying custom embed additions. The system introduces three permission levels—Minimal, Standard, and Advanced—assigning specific features to each. Admins can configure these through the Admin Control Panel, tailoring members’ access based on their roles.

Additionally, custom embeds have been improved. Though the ‘source mode’ for direct structural editing is unavailable due to technological upgrades, users can now create iframes from whitelisted URLs, with configurable dimensions for better integration. These enhancements, managed from the Admin Control Panel, ensure secure and controlled content additions.

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