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XenForo 2.1.15, 2.2.16 and XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.9, 2.2.6 Released (Includes Security Fixes)

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Security Fix​

Today we are advising all customers running XenForo that a potential security vulnerability has been identified. All affected customers should either upgrade to XenForo 2.1.15 or XenForo 2.2.16.

If you are a XenForo Cloud customer, a fix has been rolled out automatically, and no further action is required to address this issue.

If you are running a pre-release version of XenForo 2.3, you should follow the instructions in the announcement thread for the XenForo 2.3.0…

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svgXenForo & Add-ons 2.3.0 Release Candidate 1 Released (Unsupported) (Includes Security Fixes)